Ann Ingalls

School Visits

Yesteday I had the pleasure of presenting to three groups of children in grades K, 1, 2 and 3 at St. Elizabeth’s School in Kansas City. We had loads of fun with vocal improvisation. listening to blues and boogie-woogie and reading LITTLE PIANO GIRL. The children were delightful. This is what the cultural arts chairperson and author, Briget Heos, had to say:

“Ann Ingalls gave a great presentation (three actually) to my sons’ school, St. Elizabeth’s, yesterday. She has such a way with kids, and they loved her beautiful book. The teachers were interested to learn about Mary Lou, too. If anybody has kids or other family in grade school, I’d definitely recommend Ann for a school visit!”

If you’d like a school or library presentation, please keep me in mind. I’d be quite happy to do it.

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