Ann Ingalls

How to Play Spud

Spud is one of my favorite games! Gather a few friends and have a good time! It doesn’t matter what age you are to play this 100 year-old playground game.

(This game is for four or more players and is best played on a grassy field or playground.)

Each player a different number beginning with 1.

One player is chosen to be “it.”

This player tosses a large, bouncy ball into the air and yells a number.

Everyone runs at top speed, away from the ball–except the player whose number was called.

That person runs after the ball.

Once he has the ball in his hands, he yells “Spud!” and all players must stop in their tracks.

The catcher can take a moment to survey the scene and decide which player is the best target.

When he has chosen a victim, he tosses the ball at that player, trying to tag her with the ball.

The target must keep her feet planted, but she can twist away from the ball, duck or even try to catch it. If the ball makes contact, she receives an S.

If the ball misses, or if she catches it, the thrower receives the S.
The unlucky player must then throw the ball in the air and call a number for the next round.

The game continues until each player receives the letters S-P-U-D and is eliminated.

The last single player wins.

To make the game easier, allow “it” to take three giant steps toward the chosen target, or reduce the size of the playing field.

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