Ann Ingalls

Manuscript Critiques–Want one?

I’ve been doing these for some time and enjoy the heck out of it. Creative work comes across my desk and I have the pleasure of reading it and making a change or two. In the process, I learn about what can be done with a turn of phrase, a carefully selected word, a tone of voice. You might want to try this yourself.

If you do want to send work to to me, I charge $50 for a picture book. Longer work needs to go elsewhere. Don’t hesitate to send an email if you have particular questions or concerns.

Here’s what I heard today. I’m still smiling.

Wow, Ann, you’ve really delivered! You made some brilliant changes. I can’t wait to sit down with your changes — this MS is really starting to sing!! Thanks again for your unbelievable speed and expertise.

Lindsay Hanson Metcalf

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