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Great review for J is for Jazz

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J is for Jazz
by petermarino

J is for Jazz

The geometric shapes and the vigorous colors on the cover (representative of every page inside) of J is for Jazz may very well have this book bebopping off the shelves into little hands. (It’s going to my nearly-two-year-old nephew next.) Dare I say it–it kind of sings!

The text is fairly sophisticated, and with its inviting illustration, will be attractive to a wider age range than most alphabet books. (The book is aimed–conservatively–at kids five to seven years.) There is a text-rich jazz timeline at the front of the book and a glossary of terms at the end.

Some of the “is fors” will be familiar to adult readers (“J is for Jelly Roll Morton”),though there were a number of people and terms that I was introduced to (“F is for floorflushers; W is for Mary Lou Williams,” for examples).

J is for Jazz is written by Ann Ingalls and illustrated by Maria Corte Maidagan. It has forty pages, and is available from Bright Connections Media.

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