Ann Ingalls

Trails to California RELEASE DATE: September 27, 2017 | ISBN-13: 9781425832377

Trails to California

In the 1800s, traveling to California was dangerous, but the state s earliest settlers traveled there in search of new lives. Learn about California s first settlers including Sarah Royce, Charley Parkhurst, Kit Carson, John Bidwell, and more! This primary source e-book builds students reading skills and promotes civics and social studies content literacy. The dynamic primary source maps, letters, and images provide authentic nonfiction reading materials and keep students interested in learning. Text features include a glossary, index, captions, sidebars, and table of contents. This book connects to California state studies standards and the NCSS/C3 Framework and features appropriately leveled text to accommodate different reading levels. Additional features include Read and Respond and a culminating activity that prompt students to dive deeper into the text for additional reading and learning.

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