Ann Ingalls

J is for Jazz RELEASE DATE: SEPT 30, 2014 | ISBN-13: 978-1622670260

J is for Jazz

B is for Blues, the heart of jazz, and some of the best jazz cats have been hip to the blues!

Go on a riotous romp through some of the foundations of jazz in this fun and educational look at America’s golden era of music. Readers are transported into the Jazz Age through sweeping, bold illustrations and lyrical profiles of historical figures and musical terms.
Featuring a glossary of jazz slang, this ABC primer is sure to inform and delight readers and music lovers of all ages.

Education Guide: Download a PDF activity/education guide for J is for Jazz.



From School Library Journal:
Gr 2–4—Using an alphabet book structure, this slim volume offers its readers a basic introduction to jazz. The opening two-page “Story of Jazz” provides background to set the stage for the alphabetical one-liners: “A is for America’s Music. It ab-so-tive-ly began with African American rhythms. And how!” Bold, geometric illustrations always include an artistic interpretation of the featured word and its letter hidden within: Benny Goodman’s arm makes a “G” and Jelly Roll Morton’s tie creates a “J.” Many pages feature asides highlighting jazz slang and vernacular: “They put on their glad rags and got a wiggle on!” “When this jazzman picked up his licorice stick, he could really groove.” Pages highlight important people, places, instruments, musical terms, and expressions that play a role in jazz history, including “Floorflushers,” ” Improvisation,” “Kansas City,” and “Zoot Suits.” Always a complicated letter, “X” stands for “aXe,” which readers may need to refer to the extensive and helpful glossary to understand. A bright and serviceable first dip into this genre of music. —Julie Roach, Cambridge Public Library, MA

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