Ann Ingalls

Good Manners Series RELEASE DATE: AUG 2012 | ISBN-13: 9781614732235

Good Manners Series

Learn how to use your manners in different places and occasions with this helpful set of books. Simple text uses everyday situations to illustrate what good manners are, how they should be used, and in what situations they should be used. A quick quiz and fun illustrations are found in each book.


Bright double-page sections combine advice about politeness with large, often full-page illustrations. Ingalls emphasizes that manners are based upon respect and consideration for others, and her suggestions for developing good habits are clear and understandable. . . These titles are suited for a number of educational settings as well as for individual reading, making them strong choices for emerging readers. — School Library Journal

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Good Manners on the Phone Good Manners in Public Good Manners during Special Occasions Being a Good Guest Good Table Manners Good Manners at School Good Manners with Family

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