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Ann Ingalls: Author

Meet Ann

Ann Ingalls passes the day exaggerating (fiction) or telling the truth (nonfiction). She has written four dozen books for young readers. Titles include J is for Jazz, Biggety Bat: Hot Diggety!, Ice Cream Soup, Fairy Floss: The Sweet Story of Cotton Candy!, The Twelve Days of Christmas in Missouri, Pencil: A Story with a Point!, and Why Should I Walk? I Can Fly. Also Tip and Tucker: Road Trip!, and Tip and Tucker: Hide and Squeak which she co-authored with Sue Lowell Gallion. Ann is happy to report that of the nearly 9000 entries, J is for Jazz won Graphic Design USA’s 2015 Award and the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation’s “A Book Just for Me!” Ann lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her husband, Winston.

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Long Bio

I was born into a large, busy family, the fourth of eight children. Each one of us was very different than the next but we all enjoyed laughing, playing, sipping tea, and munching on Mom’s homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. Everyone was welcome at our table.

My siblings and I and any number of neighborhood kids played Scrabble, kickball, SPUD, flashlight tag, jump rope, Around the World, and marbles. I’ve collected these for many years and have some made from clay that are from the 1860s.

Mom and Dad were excellent Bridge players and they taught me how. I play two or three times a month mostly for fun. Dad played a mean game of chess. He never “let” us win but said that we ought to have the chance to be proud of ourselves when we did.

Dad took us to the library every single week. We were each allowed to check out three books. He also took us to the neighborhood pool. We played “Shark”. I still go swimming 3 or 4 times a week or I get very cranky.
I haven’t changed much over the years. Whenever I can, I read, write, play, and plan to travel somewhere I’ve never been before.