Ann Ingalls



Most often when I write a poem, I start with the last line. In this poem I sold to Alphabet Soup (a children’s magazine in Australia), I liked the internal rhyme of “squirms of the earthworms” so I placed that last.

I always make a word bank of possible words and never use all of them and I often look to for 2,3,4 and 5 syllable words that have the same end rhyme. Anyway, here’s an example. Give it at try. It’s like solving a puzzle. It can be lots of fun!

Worth of Worms

The next time Mom sees on your palm

swirls of worms,

curls of worms,

don’t be put off

though she may scoff.

Stand firm for the worm!

Sometimes grimy; never slimy.

Won’t win a race;

can’t make a face.

Made of wiggles

and lots of squiggles.

Enjoy the squirms of the earthworms.

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Writers as Musicians

Mary Lou Williams liked to say that “Jazz is created in the mind, felt in the heart and heard through the fingertips.” Writers do much the same thing. We play our hearts out on the keyboard.

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