Ann Ingalls

Swinging Sweet Tooth

Swinging Sweet Tooth

Swinging Sweet Tooth

Oh, Kinkajou, you’re light as air,

A forest home serves as your lair.

You hang on, without fail,

By curling your prehensile tail.

You balance on your treetop limbs,

Your complicated jungle gym.

You live in groups, you greet and groom.

You forage there for balsa blooms.

A skinny tongue, slurping honey,

Get it while it’s sweet and runny.

You raid beehives, termite sleuth,

To satisfy your own sweet tooth.

You’re talkative, you shriek, you’re shrill;

While you get your nectar fill, then

You find a hole within a tree,

A lovely tropical canopy.

You’re blanketed while you sleep.

You dream of nectar, fast asleep.

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