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Spencer Goff

School Visits

I LOVE kids! When I come to schools, I aim to please them.

The first thing I do is play some blues, really wake up blues with some wailing. It’s wonderful!

Then, I read LITTLE PIANO GIRL, the childhood story of Mary Lou Williams. Kids usually have comments or questions.

Next, children make some choices. Do they want to see real photos of Mary Lou, her friends, her life…or do they want to play a game…or sing and improvise. They decide.

And after that, more music, more questions, bookmarks, high fives. a wordfind, more music, some silliness and we’re all done. Usually they’re pretty happy. That makes me pretty happy too.

Presentations usually run about 45 minutes. I can do three or four a day. It works best if the groups are about 100 students but not many more. Contact me for fees as I do charge a modest honorarium.

I’d love to come to your school. Please contact Aquila at or me at
me at

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