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school visits

School Visits

Not saying I’m any kind of expert, but lately I’ve done quite a few of these. Here’s what I’ve learned.

For the kind of presentations I give, groups of about 100 children work best. I aim to look each child in the eye at least once during a presentation. Can’t really do that with groups larger than 100.

Tailor the length of the presentation to the age of the child. Shorter kids, shorter presentations. 30 minutes is ideal for kindergartners. 45 for 1st through 5th. Older kids can hang in there with me for an hour.  I can hang in there with older kids for an hour too.

Three presentations in one day is all my brain will allow. One day a week allows me to keep my writing schedule so that’s what I’m going to stick with.

I do hope to hear from teachers, librarians, bookstore owners and the like. You know how to reach me. Oh, and one last thing…teachers can you hang in there with your classes for the presentations? No one knows your kids quite like you do. I value your expertise.






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Spencer Goff, Jazz Fan

Spencer Goff, fifth-grade student at Manor Hill Elementary in the Liberty, MO recently invited me to his school. He asked the librarian, she asked the principal, they asked the classroom teachers and then they asked me. We all said, “Yes!”

I had a great time there with hundreds of kids, bunches of teachers and especially, Spencer Goff.

Here is what one staff member said,

It was an honor to hear about your book and your work as an author. You helped to make our Children’s Book Week celebration a success!”

Believe you me, the pleasure was all mine.

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