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Eileen Spinelli

Eileen Spinelli

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Missouri Association of School Librarians.

One of my all time writing heroes, Eileen Spinelli, the author of HERO CAT and SOMEONE LOVES YOU MR. HATCH, was in attendance. She just happened to win the 2009 Show Me Readers Award presented by MASL.

I had the good fortune of finding Taffy, the librarian. She offered to introduce me to Mrs. Spinelli so I signed a copy of LITTLE PIANO GIRL and gave it to Taffy to pass on. At the agreed upon meeting time, I was wiped out, washed out, done in, finished. So much socializing and chatting about books of all sorts with attendees and authors made my head spin so…I missed my meeting with the great SPINelli.

Anyway, upon my return home, a lovely message crossed by desk via the internet–
a thank you from someone I know is so busy with life that she had to sneak the time to write it. It proves one thing. Wonderful stories come from wonderful people, those who do the nice thing just because.

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