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Ann Ingalls’s FAIRY FLOSS, when a girl and her aunt go to the World’s Fair in Saint Louis to watch William Morrison introduce his exciting new Electric Candy-making Machine, they have to push through the crowds to see the fluffy clouds of candy spin out of the barrel; the Wonderful Electric Candy Machine took the prize for Novelty of Invention in 1904 and created a new national favorite!, to Sonali Fry at Little Bee Books, for publication in Summer 2017, by Karen Grencik at Red Fox Literary (World).

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Brain Pickings reviewed The Little Piano Girl, noting “What emerges is not only a wonderful addition to the loveliest picture-books celebrating creative luminaries, but also a bold antidote to the striking statistics that only 31 percent of children’s books feature female protagonists and a mere 0.3 percent include characters of color.”