On the first day of Christmas my parents gave to me . . . a holiday book about my very own state!

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Step right up and read about the debut of cotton candy at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904!

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Hot Diggety, It's Biggety!

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B is for Blues, the heart of jazz, and some of the best jazz cats have been hip to the blues!

Ann Ingalls

Meet Ann Ingalls

annAnn Ingalls was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She taught elementary and special education in Lansing, Michigan and Kansas City, Missouri. Her first book, The Little Piano Girl, was a finalist for the Crystal Kite Award.

“Jazz is created in the mind, felt in the heart and heard through the fingertips.” — Mary Lou Williams 1910-1981

Latest from Publishers Marketplace: April 30, 2015

Ann Ingalls’s FAIRY FLOSS, when a girl and her aunt go to the World’s Fair in Saint Louis to watch William Morrison introduce his exciting new Electric Candy-making Machine, they have to push through the crowds to see the fluffy clouds of candy spin out of the barrel; the Wonderful Electric Candy Machine took the prize for Novelty of Invention in 1904 and created a new national favorite!, to Sonali Fry at Little Bee Books, for publication in Summer 2017, by Karen Grencik at Red Fox Literary (World).